The results of our work delivered to our SQA customers normally include:

  • Verification & Validation Plan – describes the test preparation activities that are performed before any other test activities are initiated. The verification and validation plans are updated as needed. The assigned Project QA Lead performs all verification and validation planning activities.
  • Test Cases Document – Test Cases describe in details how the software will be tested to verify that the requirements are met. A test case is a set of test inputs, execution conditions, and expected results developed for particular objective, such as to exercise a particular program path or to verify compliance with a specific requirement. The set and complexity of test cases would normally increase with each construction iteration to fully cover the newly available functionality developed in the iteration.
  • Verification & Validation Results Protocol – Test results are documented by the assigned Testers in Test Results Protocol. Detected defects are reported by Testers and tracked until closure using the corresponding change request management system
  • Document/Code Review Reports – work products for conducted peer or joint reviews. Track changes mechanism or textual comments could be additionally used for providing evidence for peer or joint review.
  • Certificate of Completion for Independent Verification and Validation – aims to show that specific software has passed through the process of Independent Verification and Validation activities performed by SQA team, following IEEE STD 1012-1998, Level 4 recommendations

The results of our work delivered to our customers in process consultancy area normally include:

  • Gap Analysis Report – helps a business understand and quantify the gaps that exist between its ideal future state and its present state. By analyzing these gaps, management can create specific action plans to move the organization forward toward its goals and close the gaps identified in the gap analysis report. However, a gap analysis does not provide the action plan, it only provides the foundation of understanding necessary to create it.
  • Declaration of Conformity – a piece of paper which we sign to say that the product or process meets the requirements of the directive(s) which apply to it.
  • Suggestions for Improvement – aims to show how a specific process needs to be chaanged in order to be complant with a specific standard, or for the needs of an organization to improve its efficiency.

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