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Software Testing manual & automation

We believe that Software testing is both science and art. We believe that a self-aware, self-critical attitude is essential to understanding and assessing the impact of the quality on your products.We possess such attitude and we apply this attitude in the projects we test.
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Process Consultancy get ready for certification

Our process consultancy work is based on a close working relationship with you and is aimed at clients that do not expect to be presented with a finished specification for processes, but who want to see themselves involved in the process or finding and shaping methods of improvement in their organization.

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Deliveries certificate of Completion for V&V

We understand that quality is based on proofs. And the proofs are normally documented.

The results of our work delivered to our customers normally include a set of documents and a certificate for completion of independent quality assurance activities. Simple and guaranteed!

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Independent Software and Process Quality Assurance services

We blend industry leading quality assurance methodologies to help you:
    - improve quality, usability, reliability and performance of your application;
    - optimize business proccesses and improve efficiency of your organization.

Why Choose Us?

We are eager to inspire you exceed end-user expectations. To achieve this, we:

  • Validate application requirements with end-users
  • Verify that application design is in line with product requirements
  • Iteratively test your application to ensure its market readiness

The SQA team is an independent software testing and process consultancy partner. We provide a combination between professional SQA consultants with a state of the art methodology and an unique strategy proving the quality of your products. Further, we serve as a best choice for cost-effectiveness assessor of your own business processes.

Our software testing services are sharply end-user and performance oriented. We apply industry-leading quality management methodologies to help you make your internal processes efficient.

We have worked on a range of challenging projects – including work for government organizations, Certipost, Effortel, and Shell – and have a reputation for a reliable partner serving with customer intimacy, end-user focus, increasing the common satisfaction from the products we test or reducing the cost in the processes we suggest optimization.

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Iterative Validation
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