Operational Programme "Human Resources Development" in the period 2014-2020

Project Name: Highly qualified and competent staff for sustainable employment and successful international business

SQA Service Ltd. (software testing services) and ORM.BG Ltd. (online reputation management, complete digital marketing strategies and courier services) are planning to develop their service delivery technologies and attract more foreign customers. In this connection 8 software testing specialists at SQA Service Ltd. and 2 digital marketing specialists at ORM.BG Ltd. need to acquire a programming qualification. They, together with 9 couriers at ORM.BG Ltd. need to acquire key competencies in communication with the clients in English.
The overall objective of the project is to improve the service technology of SQA Servise Ltd and OMR.BG by developing the skills and competencies of the employees, providing opportunities for more sustainable and quality employment. Specific objectives: 1) To increase the professional knowledge and skills of the employees of both companies to provide more and better quality information services and products. 2) To develop their skills for communication with international clients.

Project activities include: Qualification training in the profession 481010 Programmer, specialty 4810101 "Software programming" with a duration of 660 teaching hours for the acquisition of second degree of professional qualification by 9 employees in SQA Service Ltd. and 2 employees in ORM.BG Ltd.; 300-hour three-level training for the 19 employees of Key Competency 2 for communication in English.

As a result, the 8 employees of SQA Service Ltd. will be able to perform automated functional software tests. The three digital marketing specialists will be able to program multilayer applications for digital marketing. All 19 employees will be able to successfully attract and serve foreign customers.
This will lead to more and better services, higher economic performance of both companies and more sustainable employment conditions for better paid and better jobs for the 19 employees.

Total project cost: 27 830 BGN
The amount of European funding: 23 655.50 BGN
National co-financing: 4 174.50 BGN


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